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Training Memberships

Education, skills, and management training for salon, spa, and clinical teams

Whether you’re a sole trader, managing a team of staff or own franchise groups, our membership programs are designed for business owners of all levels looking to either advance themselves, their business, or their teams, in all areas of beauty & clinical training, business systems, customer service, social media and more.

Helping relieve everyday pressure and demands

With the overwhelming demands on business owners these days and many back working on the tools, finding the time and energy to focus on staff and their professional/personal growth is hard. 

That’s where we come in. 

Working with teams anywhere from 2-30+ staff across Australia, we have a proven success rate advancing teams, implementing stronger business & communication systems as well as educating managers and staff to take ownership of their roles through creating career opportunities for better longevity.

Our goal is to create more work life balance for over worked and exhausted business owners and create better job satisfaction and opportunities for staff.

We have been doing weekly training sessions with for roughly 3 months now with Next Level Aesthetics and have since experienced a 20% increase in revenue. My team is so much more motivated and their knowledge and passion to treat skin has been reignited. The memberships are affordable and definitely worth the investment.

Ellen Easy – Revive Skin Clinic Alice Springs

From Surviving to Thriving

The last 12 months in small business has been one of the toughest yet. 

One of the biggest challenges salon owners faces right now is being able to hold onto good staff and obtain new ones. It’s now more than ever we need to rethink HR systems and look at ensuring career growth, ongoing training, and stronger salary opportunities for high achievers. 

Other areas include never ending client illness causing last minute cancellations and the need to look at implementing systems that keep income consistent regardless. Inflation, rising living costs and mortgage hikes are also causing clients to visit less regularly playing havoc with profitability. 

Having owned and managed businesses during the covid crisis, our experienced team understand just how difficult it is out there. You don’t have to do this alone…….if you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and unsure on what to do next, NL has come up with proven strategies to completely shake things up and change the outcome of your business. 

Having NL coaching and membership support will not only help you simply sustain, but also ensure you and your team thrive. 

How our Memberships works

Goal setting &
business review
with the owner

We create a
training &
business plan

Our team work on
advancing and
upskilling your team

Your team build on
and implement
our systems

Your team are
motivated with
a new growth

You have more
time, your
business thrives

Fall in love with your business again

Next Level Memberships guarantees you a better educated, more accountable team whose needs are being met professionally as well as personally. We give you and your team better structure, create growth opportunities, and implement ways to create change to improve profits. 

Ultimately, we give you back more “time” to spend working on the areas of the business you love most.

Working with Elke and the team at Next Level has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself and my business. Elke understands just how tough the journey can be for small business owners, having owned and managed her own clinics for up over 20+ years. She provides amazing, helpful knowledge on how to set goals that are achievable. During our “one on one” sessions, she has taken the time to really listen to my needs and has given my team the most amazing guidance. I can’t thank Elke enough…….she even picked up something my accountant should have been on top of. She really has helped me take my business to the next level.     

Gabriella Filomena – Face Apothecarium, Nedlands WA

What you get access to as part of our membership programs

Comprehensive bank of all salon templates and procedures

Enjoy unlimited access to our business management forms, treatment procedures, employment and induction documents, consultation forms and much more.

Quarterly Business Development or 1:1 Training Session

Whether it’s business strategies or individual/team training, this one-on-one time is tailored to your exact needs and covers topics ranging from skin knowledge, consultation, treatment planning, customer service, hands on beauty, facials/clinical services, targets/KPI’s, accountability and more.

Monthly training webinars

Hear from each of our educators and business coaches with varied educational topics throughout the year. Course topics are set in advance and based on poignant areas relating to business, education, sales and more.

Extensive Courses

Depending on your plan – you’ll be able to choose from a minimum of 2 online or zoom courses to best suit your education needs.
Course offerings include IPL fundamentals, facial training, ingredient knowledge, retail sales, skin knowledge, LED, Microderm and more.

Closed Facebook support group

When you need some extra advice or educational support, this closed group for Next Level clients, offers a safe platform for professional conversation and discussion amongst clients and the educators. We offer educational tips, posts and videos to assist in extra learning.

What’s the Investment

Sole Trader or Therapist Membership
$199 + gst per month for 6 months

  • Access to all salon templates and procedures
  • Quarterly business development / mentoring sessions
  • 2 courses of choice

Total Value: $2500
Total investment: $1194 + gst

Salon or Clinic Membership Starter
$399+ gst per month for 6 months

  • Access to all salon templates and procedures
  • Quarterly business development / mentoring sessions
  • 1 hour of monthly team training
  • 4 courses of choice
  • 10% discount on further courses

Total Value $6000
Total Investment $2394 + gst

Salon or Clinic Optimizer $599 + gst per month for 6 months

  • Access to all salon templates and procedures
  • Quarterly business development or training review session with business owner/manager
  • 1.5 hours of monthly team training
  • 6 courses of choice (or one per staff member if more than 6)

Total Value $15000
Total Investment $3594 + gst

We have just completed our Dermaplaning training and we are so grateful we chose Next Level Aesthetics and Ultimate Salon Supplies. From our first enquiry they were excellent and very informative. The training was brilliant and very in-depth leaving us very excited and confident to start treating our Clients. If you’re interested in introducing Dermaplaning into your Salon, we can highly recommend Next Level Aesthetics and Ultimate Salon Supplies. It was wonderful to deal with such a professional Company. Thank you so much.

Cherie – Simply Elegant QLD

My team was lacking in skills, and I was struggling to really get accountability when it came to achieving targets. I felt as though I was talking to a brick wall. After joining the Next Level salon optimizer membership over 12 months ago, my team is now performing so much more consistently. Not only are they getting stronger and more confident in their services, but their retail and rebooking has improved by more than 20%. My staff are motivated and thanks to the team at NL I feel less pressured knowing that I have support to really grow my team and the business.

Maryanne – Spoilt Rotten

Thank you so much girls…the training we had with you this month was really positive for our entire team. Everyone loved having the chance to discuss our goals and visions together for the year. We benefited greatly working together to build on our strengths and also implementing ways to improve certain areas we need to work on. You have taught us the true value and importance of what regular communication and team meetings can do for our business. Thank you so much. Signing onto a membership has been one of the best financial decisions I’ve made.

Alex – Alex Hayes-Campbell – Feather Touch Aesthetics Hobart Tasmania

It's OK to ask for help

Being in business is never easy and with staff shortages and other challenges making things extra difficult now, you constantly need to find new ways to gain the best outcomes. But…….who’s got the time or the mental energy for this when you’re already working in the business?? 

Maybe you’ve got a family and constantly chasing your tail to just keep up with the day to day, or whether you simply have a love for treating clients and don’t know how or have the desire to manage a team……..

Whatever the concern is, we understand your pain!! It’s ok to ask for help. 

Don’t be ashamed or scared to take action. Having a support person to guide you and also grow your team can be an absolutely life changing.

“Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.”

Mandy Hale

A word from our founder Elke

Having owned clinics with up over 20+ staff, I was constantly chasing my tail when it came to working in and on the business. Training my team was really time consuming, but it was an integral part in the success and growth of my business. 

Being in WA especially, I was conscious of the lack of education and coaching support available to salon owners. Staff are everything and without a well-trained team with career progression opportunities, too many leave the industry for all the wrong reasons and clinic owners constantly having to rebuild. 

It was then that I realised the need for something that offered ongoing support and training for teams, allowing salon owners more time to work on clients and building the business. 

Next Level memberships have helped over 50+ businesses Australia wide since their inception 24 months ago and focus on the crucial areas of customer care, treatment techniques, accountability of targets and clinic expectations, motivation, consultation, management and much much more.


Meet your support team

Our expert educators and business mentors have over 80 years of combined relevant industry experience in either owning, managing, educating, or developing beauty and cosmetic businesses across Australia.
Each leader in their field has been carefully selected to give you the absolute best in the crucial areas of customer care, beauty and facial techniques, skin knowledge, consultation, business development, upscaling and more.


Frequently asked questions

I don’t want any team training, I’m just looking for business support, can you help me?

Yes, we can. We offer individual coaching sessions or can also tailor 6-month membership options to suit your exact needs.

Do you offer independent therapists a membership option to attend online and face to face training modules?

We offer something for everyone and for those looking for regular advancements, this is an affordable way to access some of our pre-set course modules throughout the year.

I have a team of dermal therapists who are exceptional with treatments, but need assistance with customer care, rebooking and retail. Is this something you can train in?

We sure can……With a number of skin expert educators, we have a way to transform even the most highly skilled staff. We understand the importance of creating a well-rounded service and believe that customer experience is one of the key areas to ensure customers stay long term.

I have no salon protocols in place currently. Can you help with this?

As part of our memberships, everyone receives 24/7 access to our large array of salon procedure manuals and templates. The investment of these alone can range anywhere from $350-$1000 but are FOC for all membership clients.

I’m nervous about signing up for 6 months. Is there any other option?

We have plenty of happy clients that have benefited from our memberships that would be open to sharing their experience with you. Or…..you also have the option to pay as you go for absolutely any training or coaching sessions. 

Our goal is to make sure everyone is comfortable with what they’re paying for. You may also wish to take advantage of some of our “pay as you go” pre-set training modules available on the online learning tab on the website. 

If I don’t get time for monthly training, can the hours be saved up and used throughout the year?

Absolutely!! If there is 6 months of training, you will have access to 6 hours of training over the duration that can be used for one or all your team. On occasions we have some clinics utilise the time to upskill/onboard new therapists in large blocks. We offer flexibility to ensure everyone benefits in the best ways needed.