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Salon owners…

Are you tired of having to train and up skill staff? Feel overwhelmed that you lack the time to advance your team to the standard you desire? Let our team take care of the unnecessary frustrations faced in trying to obtain that well trained skin and retail therapist clinic owners deserve.

Our educators have owned and multiple clinics across WA and have seen and understand the gaps within the critical areas of customer service and communication skills needed to ensure business success.

Our programs and workshops have been designed to either enjoy as individual up skilling courses or for those wanting an affordable business development package for ongoing support and education.


If you’re missing out on preferred job opportunities or want to take the next step in advancing your skills in skin correction, Next Level can help! We offer ongoing personal development assistance and a variety of up skilling courses to suit therapists and clinic managers at all levels.

Take the stress away when it comes to training and contact Next Level Aesthetics.

Membership Packages

Our education and business support packages offer an affordable option for all salons needing ongoing in-clinic training and development assistance.

Includes Advanced Training Modules, Quarterly business mentoring, Monthly team training sessions and more.

$299 per month

Courses and Price List


Theoretical Training

The Thinking Therapist (3hours)
About This Course

The ideal module for individual teams.

  • Learn how to effectively day plan and regularly achieve targets.
  • Understand the importance of giving “5 star customer service” experience in a competitive market.
  • Benefit from easy and effective retail techniques.
  • Gain skills to confidently upgrade and rebook.
  • Learn the key attributes to becoming a professional and highly sought after therapist.
Effective Retail Tips and Techniques
About This Course
  • Uncover the rules and reasoning behind retailing
  • Look at why cosmeceuticals brands are best and how to identify them
  • Take a look at the tools and techniques required to retail effectively
  • Discover how to tackle the obstacles we often face when retailing
  • Learn how to keep on track and continue increasing sales
LED & The Key Benefits
About This Course
  • How LED works on the skin
  • Laws of Photobiology
  • Wavelengths
  • Effects on the skin
  • Selling techniques & more
Consultation and Treatment Planning
About This Course
    • Look at the importance of consultations and why they are required.
    • Understand the key components involved in performing and tailoring a consultation and what needs to be considered.
    • Learn how to easily construct and present a home care and treatment plan tailored specifically to your clients needs.
    • Discover how to successfuly maintain programs and keep clients accountable
    • Gain useful tips and techniques to seal the deal!
Understanding Ingredients
About This Course
  • Look at what makes an ingredient functional and active
  • Understand delivery systems and advanced technology
  • Take a look at ingredient categories
  • Learn how to read and understand ingredient listings and confidently compare products
  • Understand how ingredients work within the skin and where
  • Take  a closer look at fundamental actives in every form and the vital roles they play
  • Uncover controversial and nasty ingredients
Core Customer Service Techniques
About This Course

This specially constructed course is designed to allow you some important “personal development” time.

  • Commencing with a mindfulness meditation, it’s a chance to re-evaluate your goals and re-ignite your passion.
  • Covering the key elements of customer service, we look at what drives you to be your best self and allows you to deliver a 5 star client experience every time.
  • Our educators will then take you through a variety of poignant in clinic “customer service” scenarios from the minute the client walks in the door, to the time they leave.
  • Working together, we look at effective ways to minimise stress and maximise outcomes with retail and rebooking to ensure you gain long and loyal customers
Foundations of Skin
Day 1 – Skin In Depth
Day 2 – Understanding Skin Conditions
Both Days
About This Course

SKIN DAY 1 – Skin In Depth 

  • Taking you right back to where it all begins, discover the intricate life of the cell and its many functions.
  • Working through each layer of the skin, we identify the many cells, systems and functions housed in each, plus understand the important roles they play.
  • Look at how conditions presents and how to best avoid them.
  • Delve into the intricate world of the skins immune system and wound healing ability.
  • Introduction into the fundamental actives and the importance of good skin preparation.

SKIN DAY 2 – Understanding Skin Conditions

  • Creating a skin program.
  • Discuss factors to consider when consulting and creating a program.
  • Understand and discuss skin conditions such as Rosacea, Acne/Problematic, Aging and Pigmentation. Plus look at what’s required to correct and prevent these.
  • Discover how to construct and present a quality skin program.
IPL Theory
About This Course

Our IPL course is an ideal and basic refresher for those that are already qualified in IPL or a good introduction into IPL and the differences between different light based therapies and how they can work for us in clinic. The course covers the following topics:

  • Wavelengths
  • Photobiology
  • Parameters
  • what skin conditions IPL targets and how
  • Consultation Tips
  • Fitzpatrick skin typing
  • Treatment intervals, courses, end point and guidelines.
  • Contraindications & considerations
  • Treatment aftercare
  • Best practice tips when performing in clinic treatments

This course is delivered by a qualified Dermal Therapist who holds a Laser Safety Officer Certification.

it is recommended to follow our IPL Theory course with in clinic Practical Training.

Foundations in Salon Management
About This Course
  • Understanding a business breakeven and setting clear financial goals to ensure a profitable business.
  • We look at the most effective ways to reduce costs and keep productivity rates high in 2021.
  • Implementing cost effective ways to train and motivate your team.
  • Day planning strategies and how to keep your staff and managers accountable.
  • Look at cost effective ways to train and motivate your teams.
  • Work on a marketing planner using practical skills to drive campaigns with strong, results driven outcomes. Catering for the quiet/busy periods of the year.
  • Understand how to create a happy, valued team through positive communication methods and regular team meetings

Practical Courses

Creating the Ultimate Facial Experience With Flawless Massage Techniques
About This Course
  • This course is designed for anyone wanting to improve their consultation skills, facial massage and total overall client experience to ensure a long and loyal skincare customer.
  • This very hands on day will allow you to give and receive your very own “step by step” facial experience, enabling you to see and feel the very best tips and tricks to a relaxing, yet effective skin correction treatment.
  • With a focus on customer service, our educator will go through the perfect room set up, facial etiquette and ways to relax your client within the first 2-3 mins of getting them on the bed.
  • Learn how valuable facial clients can be and how to keep them as long term clients with 3-6month treatment plans.
  • Look at retail opportunities and how to upsell other services to maximise your clients experience, without making them feel pressured at the end of a relaxing
Advanced Face & Body Waxing
About This Course
  • Perfect your eyebrow and face waxing techniques.
  • Look at ways to improve your speed on body waxing whilst still ensuring a quality treatment.
  • Learn valuable customer service tips to keep clients rebooking regularly.
  • Understand the true value of waxing clients and how they can easily become your best customers.
  • See what the most ideal waxing aftercare options are for your customers and how to upsell other treatments and retail products.
Peels & Microdermabrasion
About This Course
  • Go through an effective skin consultation and how to sell the benefits of peels and micro dermabrasion treatments to your clients.
  • Look at a variety of different types of peels and microdermabrasion devices and who they’re best suited to.
  • Discuss combination treatments and how often these can be performed.
  • Find out how utilising active ingredients at home can help to improve skins conditions whilst having regular in clinic peels and micro treatments.
  • Perform and receive a skin peel and microdermabrasion treatment

One Hour Power Modules for Teams

One Hour Power Modules for Teams
About This Course
  • Consultation Tips
  • Retail & Rebooking Techniques
  • Understanding Ingredients
  • Combined Skin Correction Modalities
  • Mangement Topics
  • Goal Setting
  • Setting Targets for individuals/Teams
  • Effective Day Planning
  • Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Individually Tailored Sessions

*Singular modules are priced at $149 each.

Key Foundations for Management Program

Fundamentals in “How to Successfully Manage”
About This Course
  • Session One – Commencing with the fundamentals to building a strong and happy team, we focus on effective communication strategies to motivate staff to achieve.
  • Session Two – How effective are your targets?? We work closely on either building or implementing an effective target system through maximising staff productivity rates. Our measured daily planning method keeps things simple, but fun and motivating for both manager and staff.
  • Session Three – The Importance of regular Team Meetings & Individual KPI sessions. We structure ways to grow our therapists by keeping them more accountable and ensuring their growth through regular monitored training.
  • Session Four – Developing a solid marketing strategy to increase customer loyalty, increase sales, gain new business and stimulate the lost or quiet customers.
  • Session Five – Reporting for Results. Through regular follow up and monitoring of rebooking, we teach our managers to maximise opportunities and build on areas of weakness. Keeping both staff and managers more accountable!

The sessions can also be tailored directly to the needs of the business

Full Day Staff Induction or In Clinic Training (one therapist)

Staff Induction or In Clinic Training Options Available
About This Course
Choose from topics including:
  • Management Training
  • Customer Service Expectations
  • Effective Day Planning
  • Importance of Consultations & Forms
  • Retail & Rebooking
  • Target Requirements
  • Reception Training & Reporting
  • Perfecting Facials
  • Peels & Microdermabrasion
  • Treatment Training & More
$899 for 1 day
$1499 for 2 days
$1999 for 3 days

Course Schedule

Training Module

August 2021

Wednesday 4th
Creating The Ultimate Facial with Flawless Massage Techniques
Wednesday 11th
Zoom LED & The Benefits
Tuesday 17th
Foundations in Skin Day One – Skin In Depth
Wednesday 18th
Foundations In Skin Day Two – Skin Conditions
Wednesday 25th
Zoom Creating the Ultimate Facial with Flawless Massage Techniques
Wednesday 25th
Zoom Understanding Ingredients

September 2021

Wednesday 8th
Zoom LED & The Key Benefits
Wednesday 15th
Zoom Consultation & Treatment Planning
Wednesday 15th
Zoom Effective Retail Tips & Techniques
Monday 20th
Creating the Ultimate Facial w Flawless Massage Techniques
Tuesday 28th
Zoom Thinking Therapist

October 2021

Wednesday 6th
Zoom Understanding Key Ingredients
Monday 11th
Zoom IPL Theory
Wednesday 13th
Zoom LED & The KeBenefits
Wednesday 13th
Zoom Creating the Ultimate Facial w Flawless Massage Techniques
Wednesday 20th
Zoom Consultation and Treatment Planning
Wednesday 20th
Zoom Effective Retail Tips and Techniques
Tuesday 26th
Foundations in Skin – Day One Skin In Depth
Wednesday 27th
Foundations of Skin Day Two – Skin Conditions

November 2021

Wednesday 3rd
LED & It’s Benefits
Wednesday 10th
Understanding Ingredients
Wednesday 17th
Creating the Ultimate Facial Zoom
Wednesday 24th
Zoom Consultation & Treatment Planning
Wednesday 24th
Zoom Effective Retail Tips & Techniques

December 2021

Wednesday 1st
Zoom Creating the Ultimate Facial

Meet Our Staff

Elke Richter


Introducing the Director of NEXT LEVEL AESTHETICS!

Having owned multiple Medispa Clinics across Perth over the past 17 years, Elke Richter has been awarded through ABIA National titles with;

  • Best In Clinic Training 2013
  • Therapists of the Year 2013/14
  • Director of the Year 2014;

Ainslie Chrimes


Ainslie has worked in the Beauty Industry for over 15 years, winning the National title of ABIA Therapist of the Year in 2014. Ainslie holds a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment and has worked as the West Australian Educator and Business Development Manager for Inskincosmedics since 2015.

Ainslie has trained a number of cosmetic doctors, nurses and aestheticians in a variety of clinical treatments and has taken clinic teams to new heights with consultation and retail training.

Jocelyn Derecourt


Hello, I’m Jocelyn Derecourt, owner of the multi award winning Cove Spa WA, established in 2001. My varied experience’s as a business director over the past 19 years has taught me to be authentic, honest and to always stay true to myself.

The biggest reward as an employer, is seeing people grow and flourish under my guidance, with customer experience being the key driver throughout my teachings.

I have been ‘educating’ therapists for many years, however through Next Level Aesthetics I will be able to take other passionate, career driven aestheticians and train excellence in the diverse understanding of spa, facials and customer service.

Cove Spa has been acknowledged for this through the following ABIA accolades:

  • ABIA Best Customer Service 2013
  • ABIA Best Customer Service 2015
  • ABIA Finalist Therapist of the Year 2015
  • ABIA Best Customer Service 2016
  • ABIA Manager of the Year 2016
  • ABIA Finalist Therapist of the Year 2016
  • ABIA Finalist Best Customer Service 2017
  • ABIA Finalist Spa Director/Owner of the Year 2017

I live and breathe my work. I love my business and everybody involved in it. It is my creative outlet, my sanctuary and it defines me and everything I stand for. I would love to share my knowledge and experience with you and I am excited to be working with the team at Next Level Aesthetics